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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

“Web site updates.”

Our Website Maintenance Plans provide peace of mind to any business that has its website at the heart of its business.
We provide support to take the pressure off, so you can focus on the important tasks like running your business.

A new web site, SEO friendly product descriptions for your current one, SEO monitoring, backups, software updates, security patches.

“Access to our team”

You will be able to communicate, by email or telephone with our team with your instructions regarding digital tasks or updates.

“Website Backups, Renewals” 

We can monitor your site security and organise your backups and apply software updates to your website.


Operating your own web site is fun

Owning your own ecommerce web site takes needs time investment, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Ranktracking, AdWords, Facebook, Product Photography, Image Optimisation, Product Creation, Product Description Writing etc. etc, etc.

Do you need to invest your time on another part of the business?

Would you like someone with the same commitment to help by taking on some or all of your web site related tasks?

We are successful because we care and want you to be successful call us on 0207 183 8448